Renewing Vision.

One small positive thoughts in the morning can change your whole day -Unknown.

You wake up with a big smile, and thanks giving to our almighty God for another day he gives. Let keeps your heart, mind and soul, calm, healthy, and joyful, also being with nice, positive, happy people keep you happier and livelier, goals may give you focus, but dreams gives power, the best way Is to gain self-confidence, and trust to your self, do what you are afraid of do.

Unexpected failure. When are you going to express other expectation, don’t let it to happen, don’t depend on their view of perception, you don’t need their side, don’t rely on in their saying for you, lest depend on Gods, goodness for us, walk again, start again, you can do it, the time will come for you, keep going, don’t stop until you proud, and win your battle.

The less you respond to negative people and situations the more peaceful your life becomes.

Continue your vision, every day, we don, ‘t know what tomorrow bring, if it’s a failure or a new achievement, you need to be readied what the outcome always, don’t be so sad, don’t overthink, it will destroy you.

Keep trying and trying, create a new vision, if you fail and you, go in new path, and you are not oriented, starting over again, no worry, form a new vision again and again, there no problem about it, failure its just natural, it will give you a lesson and new learning, it will help you to be strong and to happier than ever, there’s more tomorrow, live with the passion love and dedication for your vision nothing is impossible, Everything is possible.

Have Faith Sisters and Brothers!!.

Boldness in Pain:

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You are born to be you,
You are born to be different
You are born to be unique, and
You are the only one who cans, help and
lessen your pain, through thinking positive in all situations that happening,
We need to be firmed and still, in all the pain we feel.

Lets stand and show strong in any situations
That we can hold on, lets fight let stand out,
We are born to be stronger enough, and fearless enough you are an intrepid person, that can do everything through trust and faith in God, lets show boldness on all circumstances we face in life!

Cheer up and fighting! Everything has a solution, always be positive and CAST all your negative vibes! Be bold, brave and brilliant!

Know Your Worth

Hope when you should be distraught
Joel Osteen

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Don’t discourage if people don’t compliment you, if people don’t encourage you, If people don’t support you. don’t know what your worth and your Value
Don’t depend on people. Compliments yourself, know your value know your worth you don’t need to people to depend on, you deserve to be happy, be independent persons.

Have time for of, meditate and pray. You have God, sufficient for Christ sufficient He has all you need, you don’t need somebody to fill your emptiness, your satisfaction.

YOU don’t need to people for approval, and to control your life, you have a God who has everything, he is always on your side, he will provide all you need, go to God invite him in your heart, and accepts him with your heart and mind.lean on him don’t be discouraged! You are powerful, Child of God you are highly favored.

I take time to read and listen to those positive thoughts and meaningful messages, that also taught me how to be a strong, independent woman that you don’t need to rely on someone else, I don’t need to convince people into my life, I don’t need them.

God will empower us, If YOU discourage from someone, don’t let them control YOU, you need God. Invite God in your heart, mind and Soul. He will Empower, he will always be with you, Don’t bother for negative !

Ptr Oswteen live, Visit his YouTube channel into more encouragement word. You will enjoy and learn a lot from him, God use him. To deliver his precious message for us.

To Fit In

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Trying to fit in. It wasn ‘t easy. When I was a kid, before, I’m just a simple person, I don’t know how to lipstick and I don’t even know how to comb my hair, I never care what my face, I don’t care if I’m ugly or beautiful, i just only live with a simple, I don’t care if what people think, if critics me then go, people never care too, because when I was in elementary people are not judgmental.

But in this generation, young people are trying to fit in, in the world, they really care about their look, their body, they almost want to be perfect, they’re afraid of criticism, they’re afraid to show their own style, because now, of perfectionist, they want to be perfect, they want to be beautiful, they want to be famous, they want to become a center of attraction, they wanted to be in top.

Me as now, I also trying to fit in, I’m not a talkative person, when it comes in natural way or in not important thing, I choose to be quite, but now I’m trying to be a talkative, I’m trying to be beautiful I’m trying to exercise, to have a sexy body, but I realize, I don’t need to do all these things for people perception to accept me.

I realize, I’m not happy, of what Iam doing, there’s still missing, so I try to be me, I try to show my self, but I was fail, they did not accept me, they want me to be what they want me to be, I feel sad, I feel disappoint, this is me, this is the real me, I like to be simple person, who wants, to wear a smile in my face every day, I want to be, what j was really, I like giving up for something to other, I’m not a selfish, I just wanted ti manifested what I really feel, i just only want to help other, because, I already feel the same, I don’t want them to feel that too.

I hate that, people are hurting, because of what we do, lets treat everyone equally, we are equal, lets give a loving hands and show them a good treatment, don’t push them down!. Were just only human, we are created by one creator, we are all the same.let respect each other!.

Your imagination, to Fulfill happiness

Everyone doesn’t have the ability to get everything, and chance to get all you want, all you love ,all you like ,and yiu pray for that things to be yours.

You use our imagination to fulfill your emptiness and sadness that missing in your life. In imagination, you can do whatever you want, and whatever what you love, and you have a more chance of winning, in imagination, but everything was just lies.

Imagining getting all you want,
Its gives you a second or a minute to think and to feel happy, to the things you want to happen but it’s not true. Fulfilling your happiness in your imagination, can lead you sometimes to feel pain, you hurt your feeling, through imagining, things to happen, without a strong chance to get.

Fulfill all the dream and all things in Imagination, can just gives you, as a positive mind and heart, but in the end. When you expected too much, will hurt you more.

We hurt your feelings, it can salvage your expectations, believing in a something lies, it will make you to feel nothing, feeling you are not enough, that you are not deserved. You are deserved to be Happy !! And that’s the true, just wait, there’s have a plan, everything will be in line. Always remember, we have the right to be happy. Keep your faith !.

•Always be proud of your self, that you can reach, whatever you want to have the power ! ^^ fighting !

A Sympathetic Hearts.

A Loving hands for everyone.

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The World, are in the biggest trouble ,lets show sympathy to everyone ,lets be involved in this fight, this is all our fight to be responsible, and show cooperation .In staying home, but we can still show kindness, love and care to all the front liners and to those who are infected of Covid-19 Virus. All over the world.

Let’s also show sympathy to everyone, we all affected in this epidemic, lets give care to those beggar who don’t have shelter to Stay and enough food to eat, what will happen to them ? We can also help them, through social media, and also through praying, let be involved and show sympathy to everyone, lets be fair and always to think others too, instead of focus our just well.

Let’s focus our mind, our heart and care, to those people who needed, if we can help, Lets to take an action, lets care and don, ‘t just to be a quite, don, ‘t waste our time in nonsense things, like wasting our time and energy, on gossiping your neighbors your friend your relative, or somebody, It’s never helps, it will give you a sin.

So let’s use our precious time in helping people even if simple, to see the situation, and to be an instrument for them, it will always a big help for them. It will also bless us more than, we expected.

Restoring the Golden Time

Be Humble and never think that you are better than anyone else, for dust you are; and unto dust you shall return.

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How you to restore the old time, or the golden time before ? How can you differentiate a living culture before and now, the people,especially the young people before and in the Present, restoring of the old time, the World before with better place that old people to live with peace, care and love to each other,And show sympathy ,care, and kindness! And people never criticize, and most of them are truly polite and respectful, as a young well-being.


You differentiate, the Culture, and the young people before, they change a lot, you as a now, you know that sometimes, you get angry with your mother, and you make them cry sometime. If because how you treat them with informality as a daughter or as a son.

The World today is different the young people, are being arrogance, being rebels and being wild and free, without limiting and controlling themselves, they involved in drugs addicting, they involved in sex, and they are falling in liquor, nowadays, they don’t know how to respect their parents.

Start, your life to live, with purpose
And start to change your perception and change your mindset towards the world, of how to live in this world, be a model and example to the other young people, the change may from you, you hold the chances you hold a crown of a good person who can change, have the ability to change, you have the strength, because you have the faith!.

show respect and love to our parents, and always give them a hug and and kisses, and meditate alone and Pray.